Car batteries never die at a good time. It’s always when you’re in a hurry – running late for work, picking up your children from school, or on your way to a meeting. Most of us will just buy a new battery after the initial show of frustration. But here’s the thing:  it can happen again – unless you understand what drains car batteries and how to diagnose the problem.

Your car headlights are dim, the engine won’t start (or turns over slowly) and electronics aren’t working the way they should. A dead or dying car battery is indeed a pain. But what could be causing them? Here are some of the reasons you are experiencing this problem:

Human Error

Most of the time, car battery issues can be attributed to human error. This can fall into two categories: not charging the battery or leaving lights on. Car batteries lose juice as a result of regular use. Consequently, you must recharge the battery regularly to keep it in good working condition. Don’t forget to check the gauge regularly to know how much power remains inside.

Leaving lights on is also another reason why your battery is drained. Be meticulous when it comes to turning off your lights and headlights. Leaving lights on while in the garage (or even leaving the car on overnight) can drain a battery in just a few days.

Electrical Component Issues

Electrical components in your car are prone to failure – if the car is old. This is because electronic components that were state-of-the-art a decade ago are now considered obsolete, unstable, and unreliable. Today’s vehicles are equipped with more electronics than ever before. You may want to consider an upgrade.

Electrical issues can be attributed to a faulty alternator or electronic components. It’s a good idea to have a professional check your car and diagnose the problem.

Extreme Changes in Temperature

Extreme temperature changes are bad for car batteries. Extreme heat and cold can cause the lead inside the battery to expand and contract. Repeated expansion and contraction can cause a crack in the battery, which will, in turn, damage the other components. Extreme cold can also cause a loss of electrolytes inside the battery and damage to the battery’s internal components.

Poor Condition of Car Battery

You may think that a car battery is an accessory that ensures that you can start your car. But your battery is more than just a power source. It also helps to extend the life of your alternator and, to a certain extent, your starter.

A faulty car battery can affect the operation of the electrical system and electronics in the vehicle. It can also cause damage to the delicate components, like the starter and alternator. Car batteries need to be inspected and tested regularly. You should have them checked by a professional at least once every year.

All batteries have a limited life span. For car batteries, this is usually only 2 – 5 years. If a battery is more than five years old, you need to have it replaced. Otherwise, it may not provide enough power to start your car.

Charging System Problems

Your car battery will not be able to provide sufficient power to your vehicle if the charging system is malfunctioning. In most vehicles, the alternator is responsible for recharging the battery and keeping it healthy. The alternator can only perform this function if it’s in good condition.

A faulty alternator may not charge the battery efficiently. As a result, the battery will drain and power may not be adequate to start your car. In addition, a faulty alternator can also cause the battery to drain quickly (especially if you are using high-power components like the stereo or air-conditioning).


All car batteries eventually die. There is no way around it. It’s just a matter of when. Some batteries, like AGM batteries, can last up to 8 years. Others, like lead-acid batteries, are only good for about 5 years. Your car may be prone to these problems if it’s an older model.

It’s a good idea to have a professional check your car battery, especially if you haven’t replaced it in a few years. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road because your battery isn’t working.

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